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Story of Space Jam: A New Legacy

Release Date: 23th July

Space Jam: A New Legacy has finally hit theaters around the world, and now that fans have had a chance to see it, they may notice a certain surprise cameo from the feature film. Although as such it is not such an important spoiler, if you prefer to get the film blank, we recommend you stop reading this far.Are you sure you want to continue? Well, we're talking of course about the surprise cameo Rick & Morty had. That' right, both characters in this series appeared briefly on Space Jam and that' how the fans reacted.If you've already seen Space Jam: A New Legacy, let us know what you thought of this cameo in the comments, or which of all was your favorite.
Year    :   2021
By    :   United Atates of America
Slogan    :   «Some assembly required»
Genre    :   Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Sport
Time    :   2h 1min. / 2:22
Budget    :   $220 000 000
Age    :   1+

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.5

Space Jam: A New Legacy Full Movie Plot Outline

Century Game is back with “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, which was released in the United States and other parts of the world on Friday, July 16, becoming one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Starring Michael Jordan caused a sensation, and in this sequel, LeBron James will become the protagonist leading the new adventure. Unlike North America, Space Jam 2 will premiere in Spain on Friday, July 23.

Now working with LeBron James, “Looney Tunes on the Court” has attracted the attention of many fans, who have been fighting alongside Michael Jordan and Tunesquad since childhood. Sonekwa Martin Green and Don Cheadle starred alongside LeBron James. Like its predecessor, this movie will mix animation and real characters, and the main attraction is Looney Tunes.

26 years after the first film was a huge global success, a sequel appeared, which promised a more technological world. In addition to “Go to LeBron James”, it also includes other great men from the NBA and WNBA.Malcolm D. Lee’s Space Jam: The New is a big box office. He even managed to overthrow Marvel’s Black Widow in the theater. This is a very important victory. We also dare to try the sequel Space Jam. Repeat the original success.

Make a successful movie that combines live action and animation and sports idols. He did this by copying the highest points of the original work and transferring them to a new dimension. The characters in the increasingly widespread and chaotic reference world restored the central concept of the original, but the film disappointed a large group of professional critics, mainly loyal audiences, who returned to the theater with extraordinary loyalty to take the lead. Other stars Michael Jordan.Space Jam:

Although A New Era uses the same humorous skills and accent as the original, it seems to be beyond the minimum. Although the premise is the same, Warner has something artificial and possibly confusing about the development of this film. In 1996, Joe’s movie “From Generation to Generation” was so popular that it exceeded optimistic expectations.

  • Director: Malcolm D. Lee
  • Writers: Leo Benvenuti (based on ``Space Jam`` written by) Steve Rudnick
  • Production companies: Warner Bros., Warner Animation Group, SpringHill Entertainment
  • Country: Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom Production


To commemorate the premiere of “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, Warner Bros. introduced 91980 NFTs based on the characters shot in the movie, but these NFTs are slightly different from traditional NFTs because they were not created.

Millions of sales (at least for now), but free delivery on Niftys’ website, Niftys is a company that cooperates with Warner to distribute digital goods; create an account on the website (by the way, very valuable Information) is enough to get it, and then after sharing the page on social networks, a second NFT will be issued, and anyone who wants to buy it can do so.

Do the right amount) and get one. After sharing the page on social media, then distribute the second NFT. Those who want to buy them can buy them for only $3. Rarity (from ordinary to epic and legendary), mainly cards with images of each character with different animation backgrounds or additional details. According to this uniqueness, the higher the rarity, the less available: only 100 epics , There are only 10 legends.

Niftys was established in March 2021; 102> $3 on the same website.Collectibles have different levels of rarity (from ordinary to epic and legendary), mainly cards with different animated backgrounds or additional details for each character image. According to this uniqueness, the higher the rarity, the less available : Only 100 epics and only 10 legends.

Created in March 2021, Niftys is a social platform for repeat users who want to be immersed in the NFT boom. Although these objects have become the focus of attention due to environmental reasons, Niftys ensures that they are objects that are created more efficiently than usual, because with Palm NFT Studio’s blockchain technology, they reduce energy consumption by 99%. In the future, Niftys wants to create an NFT market and always remember to democratize these consumer products. Objects and more are available to ordinary users. Again, this is just one of many promotions for Space Jam: A New Legacy. The other is the release of a video game based on Xbox movies. The game is first offered to Xbox Game Pass users for free and will be available on the day the movie is released on July 14. Everyone and the movie’s protagonist LeBron James will be in Fortnite.

After many years of waiting, the sequel to Space Jam finally hit theaters. Because of how important and iconic the first film was, it was clear that there would be a lot of hype surrounding Space Jam: A New Legacy. Did he comply? Well, sadly, it seems not, as the vast majority of critics agree that a better job could have been done with it.

Although Space Jam: A New Legacy does not premiere until this Friday, July 16, some specialized media already had the opportunity to see it in advance, and as I was telling you, most agree that it is not very good. Currently, the movie has a score of 47% on Rotten Tomatoes, while on Metacritic it has 36/10

The new Space Jam movie will be released soon and will feature a wide variety of characters that will bring a great deal of joy to all who recognize them. But that’ not all, obviously not, because this movie also has an official video game that was released exclusively for Xbox and that came to us via Game Pass.

Honestly, it is a pretty good game despite its duration, although there are some things that we must take into account and then we will tell you all about them.

This game, despite what it might seem, is not a Basketball game, but a Beat Em ‘Up in all its rules, although of course, it contains some elements of the burst sport, but only implemented to be part of the mechanics of combat.

Although the Tune Squad has many members in the team, here you can only control three of them: LeBron, Bugs and Lola.

But don’t worry, the other members can be summoned to battle to help you when your special attack bar is full. This is how you can summon Taz, for example, to cause massive damage to all enemies on the screen, or Granny to make a lot of food appear on the stage and be able to recover your health.

Apart from them, Space Jam: A New Legacy, also known by our aunts as Tweety, helps us recover the ball and take it to the center of the level every time it disappears from the screen. And it is that this ball is essential to be able to advance in the game, either to attack from afar or to break some things that require charged shots, it is important to know when and how to use this ball.

The difficulty is not as high as in other games of the same genre, but it is high enough that you really have to work hard to stay alive throughout the 30 minutes of the adventure. Yes, it is not too long a game, in fact it is very short.

The story is basically a prequel to the movie, so to speak, so it starts off at some pre-game point that we’ll see in the movie, which makes it more sense that they weren’t playing basketball from the start.

Added to this, there is really no greater depth, even when the references section falls a bit short. The enemies are only robots and most of the time, the scenery and the music are somewhat generic, so there is nothing that tells us that it is a Looney Tunes game and much less Space Jam.

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